Homeless, Foster, and Educational Instability

The Forest Area School District is committed to providing each student with an education free of distractions and disruptions. We do realize, however, that life events can occur where the normal pattern of living can be compromised. We offer services and can provide information and referrals for students and families who are  experiencing either temporary or long term homelessness, foster care, or other educational instability. (Policy 251)

Students enrolled in this district experiencing homelessness, foster care, or other educational instability, shall be provided support and services, as appropriate to each individual student’s needs, in accordance with Board policy.[4]

Minimal documentation shall be required for a student experiencing educational instability to qualify for supports and services. Information used to determine that a student is experiencing educational instability may be confirmed verbally, in writing or by another manner by shelter providers, outreach workers, case managers, juvenile probation officers and others.

Parents/Guardians and students have the authority to determine what information shall be shared with the district.

Information related to the student’s educational instability status shall be confidential and disclosed by the point of contact or other administrators only to other school staff who have a legitimate need to know unless authorized by the student or parent/guardian.[29][30]

For assistance or more information, contact:
Elisha Pospisil, Homeless Coordinator at 814-755-4491 or epospisil@forestareaschools.org
Amanda Hetrick, Act 1 Coordinator at 814-755-4491 or ahetrick@forestareaschools.org