Graduation Pathways

Effective with the graduating class of 2023, students have the option to demonstrate postsecondary preparedness through one of four additional pathways that more fully illustrate college, career, and community readiness. Keystone Exams will continue as the statewide assessment. Each student will be required to have a pathway prior to graduation. These pathways are discussed with students during class meetings. The pathways are listed below. Please contact Ms. Pasinski with any further questions.
Pathway 1: Being proficientĀ or advancedĀ in all three Keystone content areas.
Pathway 2: Having no below basic scores for any Keystone content areas and having a composite score of 4452 or greater.
Pathway 3: Alternate Assessment- meet locally established, grade-based requirements or Keystone content in which student is less than proficient.
Pathway 4: Evidence based- 3 pieces of artifacts obtained by student which align to career goals.
Pathway 5: CTE Concentrator- Industry based competency certifications