2023~2024 East Forest Awards Day

  • Posted on: 06/11/24
2023~2024 East Forest Awards Day

2023~2024 East Forest Awards Day

May 31, 2024

Valedictorian:  Kaylie Rooke

Salutatorian:  Kendra Carroll

Katie M. Edmondson Memorial Scholarship:  Kendra Carroll

Marsha L. Beichner Memorial Scholarship:  Kendra Carroll

William E. Snyder/William D. Snyder Scholarship:  Kaylie Rooke

Veterans Club of Forest County Scholarship:  Kaylie Rooke, Kendra Carroll

Sports Booster Scholarship:  Kendra Carroll

East Forest Faculty Scholarship:  Erika Hart

East Forest Alumni Scholarship:  Kendra Carroll, Kaylie Rooke

Forest County Assoc. of Township Officers Scholarship:  Kendra Carroll

Forest County Taxpayers Association Scholarship:  Kaylie Rooke

Arthur “Bud” VanNort Scholarship:  Kaylie Rooke

Floyd E. & Anna E. Carbaugh Memorial Scholarship:  Kaylie Rooke, Kendra Carroll

Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award:  Lauren Geraci

George Eastman Young Leaders Award:  Peighton Trout

Male Athlete of the Year Award:  Jacob Healy

Female Athlete of the Year Award:  Jayden Colvin

Male Sportsmanship Award:  Jonah Glass

Female Sportsmanship Award:  Peighton Trout

Senior Athlete Recognition:  Taylor Oliver, Kaylie Rooke, Kendra Carroll

Lenna Chips Citizenship Award:  Taylor Oliver

DAR Good Citizenship Award:  Taylor Oliver

Sen. Scott Hutchinson Good Citizenship Award:  Jacob Cotherman, Taylor Oliver

Bausch & Lomb Science Award:  Aletta Summers

Marienville Volunteer Fire Company Recognition Award:  Taylor Oliver, Jacob Cotherman

Forest Ready:  Kaylie Rooke, Kendra Carroll, Taylor Oliver, Alex Contrael

Excellence in Choir Award:  Erika Hart, Jaiden DeLay, Jonah Glass, Hailee Oliver

Excellence in Band Award:  Coltin Carr

Venango Technology Center Recognition:  Alex Contrael, Jacob Cotherman, Giovanni DiGiacomo,

Matthew Zeigler

Most Dedicated Employee Award:  Elissa Letot

Most Dedicated Educator Award:  Sherry Shaftic

Presidential Education Silver Award:  Grade 12: Kendra Carroll, Alex Contrael;  Grade 11: Peighton Trout, Summer Watkins;  Grade 10: Aidan Faust, Nicholas Geraci, Jonah Glass, Willa Heferle;  Grade 9: Vincent Carey, Coltin Carr, Logan Stevenson, Zachary Walton;  Grade 8: Alexandrea Carroll, Jacob Glass, Brody Hartle, Vera Heferle, Hailee Oliver, Luke Simpson;  Grade 7: Alyssa Best, Mark Rooke

Presidential Education Gold Award:  Grade 12: Kaylie Rooke;  Grade 9: Addyson Neill

Student Council Awards: President: Kaylie Rooke; Vice President: Taylor Oliver; Secretary/Treasurer: Kendra Carroll;   Representatives ~  12th Jacob Cotherman, David Schill, Matthew Zeigler;  11th Jacob Healy, Logan Melego, Peighton Trout, Aletta Summers;  10th Aidan Faust, Nicholas Geraci, Willa Heferle, Jalynn Weiss;  9th Addyson Neill, Logan Stevenson, Zachary Walton;  8th: Alexandrea Carroll, Jacob Glass, Brody Hartle, Hailee Oliver;  7th: Alyssa Best, Ethan Bradybaugh, Tantruh Hilyer, Mark Rooke