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Principal Debra Arner

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As we approach our holiday break, I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for handling this remote period of school so well.  Thank you for working so hard to continue school while at  home. It is an unprecedented time. We all struggle to learn virtually,  teachers, staff, students and their at home support people have shown perseverance and diligence learning  while participating or attending Google Meets.  Students that do not have a strong internet or when the electric is out have called in, done meets in their vehicles etc. to keep school as “normal” as possible.  Going to school online by phone or computer  is one way we all can combat the isolation and the lack of personal connection we feel while we try to keep ourselves healthy.

To the students: I am so proud of you! You continue to amaze me with your knowledge and work habits during this time. I want to congratulate each and every one of you for your commitment to completing your assignments. I see you online before 8 AM sitting by a table with headphones on ready to work. High school students:  I know you are on meets with teachers after class and you work nights and weekends on assignments. The teachers will help you. Please, reach out if you are struggling. 

To the parents and your caregivers: Thank you!  Your patience, guidance and encouragement to your child shows in their habits and performance.  Modeling and helping your children to be on time and to stay on a schedule is a life lesson they will use for years. I know you are juggling many responsibilities and it is hard.  Please reach out to our teachers if your child needs help. 

To the teachers: Thank you for learning new ways to teach, entering all your information into a new platform, working to try new ways to better reach your students. I see how you continually try to keep connected to your students day or night.  It shows you care. The patience and connections you have made with your students make them feel comfortable asking for help. 

To Mrs. Silvis: Thank you for doing multiple jobs, organizing us, taking calls, getting packets in and out. You are our lifeline to each other. To the cafeteria staff, paraprofessionals, and maintenance staff: Thank you for your support and help making all the meals,  getting them ready and delivering. 

To all of our team. While we teach many subject areas, we also teach many other skills we will continue to use in life.  We have, because of this pandemic, experienced the need to adapt, problem solve, adjust, and to learn new methods to communicate. We will all be more resilient and confident when we face challenges in our lives.  We have certainly learned to use technology in an unprecedented manner and recognize the value of our personal connections to each other. I miss seeing all of you everyday and being part of the inperson team at East Forest. I value the connections and relationships I have with all of you.

Have a happy holiday season and I hope 2021 will be a year where we will have more time together. Be safe and I hope you and your family stay healthy and well.

Mrs. Arner, Principal East Forest

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