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East Forest School
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120 West Birch Street
Marienville, PA 16239
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Principal Debra Arner

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June 7, 2021

​I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the students and their families for the support you have given your children and my staff during this challenging year. Your students have never experienced as many changes in schedules, delivery of instruction and uncertainty than we have lived through this year.

We have all learned how to problem-solve and support each other through many changes. Your students have been able to give teachers suggestions, to troubleshoot technology, to use  problem-solving skills, and to advocate for themselves. These skills will serve them well in the future. Parents and caretakers, you had to be incredibly flexible and creative in keeping your students in school while working and managing your families. I appreciate your support as we worked together to figure out how to work at home and then transition back to school multiple times. Elementary students as young as 4 years old have learned independently how to use chromebooks, log in to meets, and talk to their teachers. I am grateful for how you have worked side-by-side with your students and responded to our calls.  Our younger children have relied on you as a tutor/parent while our teachers instructed.

Our teachers have had to learn how to present their material in new ways so students could read it from the board, access documents through Google, and adapt and modify when they saw students were struggling. They've come up with shortcuts to answering questions on documents, posting items in classrooms, using new apps and devices to try to make it more accessible, and end the confusion for everyone at home. Some methods and routines will remain and enhance what we do in the future. 

Thank you for sharing your students this year both remotely and in person and letting us into your homes. We have seen your pets, your extended family, gone outside with you, and taught while you did your daily routines. There is no greater example of a team than what we were able to accomplish this year. I give you my sincerest thank you for your patience, flexibility, and support for this past school year. I look forward to a great year next year and hope I see all of you in person. 


Debra Arner

Teachers waving goodbye to students on the last day of school Teachers waving goodbye to students on the last day of school

Senior class picture with school sign

Composite of all class pictures from east forest

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