West Forest Plans to Celebrate Veterans Day

Every year the United States of America celebrates America’s veterans on November eleventh. This date was selected due to the First World War officially ending on this day. What had been called “the war to end all wars” concluded on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month. Congress declared this day Armistice Day on May 13th, 1938. However, this was changed on June 1st, 1954 to Veterans Day.

West Forest will be hosting Forest County veterans on November 8th of this year. Students will be thanking veterans for their sacrifice which allows us to enjoy our freedoms on a daily basis. The ceremony will begin at 1PM in the high school gymnasium. Following the ceremony individual pupils will have the ability to thank our veterans personally. Immediately after the ceremony there will be a reception in the Museum room. All veterans and their families are welcome to attend.

Before the ceremony our school will be creating a wall to honor all family members of the community who have served this nation. If you have anyone in your own family who has served please send the following to West Forest Elementary and Secondary School to be displayed: name, branch of service, years active, foreign conflicts, and a service photograph. These photographs will be returned to you after Veterans Day. Please remember that Veterans Day is to honor living persons who have served the country. We will complete the same activity for deceased family members on Memorial Day.

We hope that you will join us in commemorating the dedication and patriotism of our local citizens.