West Forest Fourth Grade Visits Drake Well

Mr. Hale’s class had the opportunity to visit Drake Well at Titusville, PA on Tuesday, October 9.  The sunny day was spectacular with the warm temperatures and falling leaves.  Students visited the museum and watched a video on the history of the Oil Valley.  Following was a tour of the grounds, including the replica of Edwin Drake’s oil well.  The children also saw the pits where Native Americans skimmed oil for medicinal purposes.

After lunch, there were three labs.  Cynda Sites demonstrated period clothing from the 1860’s.  Clark Hall explained how coopers made barrels.  Carole Hall played a guessing game with antique household tools.

We would like to thank West Forest PTO for providing admission fees and souvenir kits.  They also have graciously purchased tee shirts for all elementary students and faculty/staff.  Drake Well provided transportation costs through a grant, which we are thankful.

Photo Identifications:

Back Row (L-R): Abbi Bell, Alanah Wagner, Nevaeh Peace, Ryelee O’Connor, Tara Brown, Alison McLaughlin, Clover Morrison, Madison ThompsonFront Row: (L-R): Bobby Payne, Colton Whitton, Christopher Hoovler, Jesse Peterson, Antonio Frederick, Connor Greenlee

Period Clothing:

Colton Whitton, Cynda Sites, Clover Morrison