West Forest Fourth Grade Authors Books

The fourth grade at West Forest Elementary become authors and illustrators of their very own books thanks to a very special visitor to the classroom, Mrs. Carol Hall. The students worked throughout the months of March and April with Mrs. Hall to write and illustrate their books step-by-step as Mrs. Hall supplied all of the materials and books for each student and instructed the students through the writing process. The students were very creative in their writings and illustrations and completed wonderful stories to share and stories to treasure for years to come!

Both fourth grade classes invited Mrs. Hetrick to their classroom to share their books. Also, Mr. Hale’s class shared their books with the kindergarten students, and Mrs. Druckemiller’s class divided into small groups and shared their books with students in prek, kindergarten, first, and second grade.

Pictures of book project:

Picture 1: Mrs. D’s class with Mrs. Hall

Picture 2: Alexis Donato reading to the class and Mrs. Hetrick

Picture 3: Brooke Felleti reading to second grade

Picture 4: Miguel Martinez reading to kindergarten

Picture 5: Jayden McKeel reading to first grade

Picture 6: Ayla Reese reading to prek