West Forest Celebrates Unity Day

Unity Day is a holiday that is celebrated at different times and for different purposes throughout the world. In the United States, it is an observational holiday that is celebrated in October and has been observed since 2011 to raise awareness about bullying.   This year students at West Forest celebrated Unity Day by wearing Blue and Gold and creating a display for the school lobby.  The display features the hand prints of students in grades PK -12 as a representation of the Unity Day theme “Together Against Bullying”


Photo 2- Izzy flick, & Nora Lesko

Photo 3- Chris Pedersen, Travis Swartz,Jayden Smith, & Jacob Shontz
Photo 5- Quinton Mellon, Morgan Zier, Giannah Brown, Jess Culver
Photo 6 – Alexis Oswald, Nauvia Palmer, Kiley Oliver