Student Loan Information Sessions

Attention Senior Parents:
This month, PHEAA is offering another edition of their highly popular webinar series designed to assist students and families as they seek an affordable higher education. There are two webinar topics listed below, with multiple date/times to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules.
Webinar #1: Which Education Loan Should I Pick?
As families receive their financial offer letters from schools and determine that education loans may
be needed, they’ll find that there are many options to consider – including loans from the Department
of Education and private loan programs. Doing the research and knowing what to compare and consider
will be important to overall education debt, keeping it affordable, and finding the right fit. Join Daniel Wray
and Linda Pacewicz of PHEAA PA Forward in a one hour webinar review of the different options and
details associated with education loans to assist in sorting out this information.
Wednesday, January 13 – Noon (ET) – Lunch & Learn
Tuesday, January 19 – 6:30 PM (ET)
Tuesday, January 26 – Noon (ET) – Lunch & Learn
Webinar #2: Understanding the Financial Aid Offer and Balances:
The Financial Aid Offer, or Financing Plan, that you receive to provide an idea of the costs associated with
attending post secondary education can be confusing as each school formats their information differently.
PHEAA, represented by Linda Pacewicz and Daniel Wray of PA Forward are offering a one hour webinar
to assist in understanding and navigating through the types of Aid listed, what you are being offered and
identifying the balances and next steps needed. Q&A interaction is encouraged.
Thursday, January 7 – 6:30 PM (ET)
Thursday, January 14 – Noon (ET)
Thursday, January 21 – 6:30 PM (ET)
Thursday, January 28 – Noon (ET)
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