Written by Christian Kluck, WFE 5th grade

Respect means to have patience, politeness, and showing concern and consideration for all.   We can show respect for others by treating others the way you want to be treated. You can also show respect by showing kindness and consideration to all objects\things.  Respect yourself by being yourself. You can also accept others for who they are . Be a good listener and try to help others when needed.  Respond appropriately to an adult when spoken to.  Also never interrupt when two or more people are talking,unless it is an emergency and finally you should be a DREAM MAKER (make good choices) NOT a DREAM BREAKER (make bad choices). Show respect to get respect.

Students that were recognized for being respectful are:

Back row: Jacob Shontz, Conner Summerville, Lilly Corfield, Easton Bromley, Izzy Wagner, Brayden Dunkel, Antonio Frederick, Alison McLaughlin, and Christopher Hoovler

Middle Row: Nora Lesko, Annabella Sebastian, Lillian Bawden, Abbigail Summerville, Mary Lesko, Colton Bromley, Jayden Scherer, Abigail Powell, Evelyn Lesko
Front Row: Anna Kluck, Jonah Beichner, Zoey Summerville, Leahanna Nanni, Ryan Howe, Jaycee Tkach
Not pictured: Tara Brown, Jayden McKeel