Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment provides an opportunity for students to obtain college credits while taking a course in the Forest Area School District. The student will have to meet and complete all requirements as outlined by the university and district.

The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford partners with the Forest Area High School faculty to offer college courses in the high school during the normal school day. The purpose of college in the high school is to strengthen ties with local and surrounding schools by offering high school students an opportunity to earn college credit. The courses offered are subject to the availability of district instructors and University approval. More information can be found at: Pitt Bradford College in High School.

Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Clarion University of Pennsylvania will provide online dual enrollment courses to Forest Area School District students. Students will do coursework on their own time, and may have time during the school day to work as well (schedule permitting). More information can be found at www.clarion.edu/dual.

The University of Pittsburgh at Titusville
The University of Pittsburgh at Titusville has entered into an agreement with the Forest Area School District to offer certain classes to high school juniors and seniors. This dual enrollment program meets the guidelines under the Public School Code allowing students to meet certain criteria to obtain college credits while fulfilling high school graduation requirements. More information can be found at www.upt.pitt.edu/site/academics/aa_pitt_in_hs.html.

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College (NPRC)
NPRC does not operate on a single traditional campus-based model; nor is it an online college. The NPRC utilizes multiple locations across the region to deliver its programming. Courses are offered in a variety of ways, including in the classroom, via live interactive video technology, and through hands-on learning with equipment and lab facilities. More information can be found at regionalcollegepa.org.

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