More Flat Stanley

More Stanley’s Return to Second Grade

Easton Bromley’s grandparents took Stanley to Niagara Fall, NY.¬† He saw the water intake buildings that help regulate the flow of water over the Falls and the Niagara River rapids. Due to the mist of the Falls, Stanley had to wear a special raincoat to stay dry, he was stored in a plastic baggie. Stanley came back with a journal and souvenirs for the whole class.

Jason Bell’s Stanley went to Lakeview, NY to visit. While he was visiting he went to Wells College, a high school foreign language class and the playground. He toured downtown Buffalo and had his picture taken with¬† statues and buildings. This was more of an educational field trip for him.

Illanna Ross’s relatives took Stanley on a cruise to the Bahamas. Stanley got to fly in an airplane from Pittsburgh to Florida and then sailed on the Enchantment of the Seas to the Bahamas. He got to enjoy the sun, good food, beaches and see fish through a glass bottomed boat. He went to Nassau and the island of Cococay. He did not want to come home.

Ethan Beach’s grandparents took Stanley on a cruise to Hawaii. He flew from Pittsburgh to San Francisco on to Los Angeles where the boarded the Ruby Princess. First stop was Hilo where Stanley saw volcanoes, next stop was Honolulu for a luau, then to Nawiliwili, Kauai, and Wiamea Canyon where Stanley ate Papaya. Last was Maui for a whale watch boat tour. Before heading home the cruise ship went to Ensenada, Mexico to hear a mariachi band. Finally the cruise ship returned to California and Stanley flew home.

Kourtney Myer’s sent Stanley closer to home. He visited Kourtney’s cousin in Willoughby, Ohio. While in Ohio, he went to school with Lily. While at school he did all the usual school stuff, reading, math and spelling. He hung out in the pencil box and met Lily’s friends. He played on the school playground and then went to the park by her house where he could swing and go down the slide. Lily enjoyed having Stanley visit her school and wants him to return.