Forest Area FCCLA State Conference Awards

Pictured are students from the Forest Area School District FCCLA Chapters (East and West). These students competed at the State Leadership Conference held at Seven Springs from March 20-22, 2019.  All students earned silver(S) and gold (G) medals.  Twelve students will be moving on to the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, CA from June 29-July 5.  Students will be doing many fundraisers in the near future, such as a pizza and hoagie sale, car wash, and bake sale.  If anyone is interesting in supporting the students financially, please contact Lori Beatty, FCCLA Adviser at either East Forest High School or West Forest High School.  Students pictured above in the back row are:  Jacob Sorenson (G), Eliana Beatty (G), Jacob Humes (S), Dominic Grubbs (S), Jessica Wagner (S), Telford Kunselman (G), Evan Eisenman (G), Travis Swartz (S).  Front row is State Officer, Rachel Beatty (G), Amelia Crouse (G), State Officer, Angelina Harp (S), Madison McFarland (G), Emma McFarland (G), and Tessa Korchak (G).