Forest Area Cafeteria Changes

Forest Area School District is pleased to announce that we have qualified for the Community Eligibility Program through our child nutrition program for both East Forest and West Forest Schools. All PK-12 students in the District will receive free breakfast and lunch every day. Students and families will still be responsible for the purchase of any a la carte items that students choose to supplement their meal.

Both East and West Forest Schools will continue to offer the after school food program, which is free for all students grades PK-12, so students may also receive a snack or dinner at the end of the day prior to going home or participating in sports or other after school activities. This program is free of charge to all students.

Parents are reminded that they can access lunch menus and their student’s account information at Deposits of $50 or more receive a discount which should cover the cost of the fee charged for paying with a credit card.

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