Fire Safety Week at West Forest

The second week of October was Fire Safety Week at West Forest Elementary. For 20 years the President Township Volunteer Fire Department has presented fire safety to the students.

The fire department kicked off the week with an assembly of how to stay safe during a fire. Fire fighters showed the students the gear they wear to keep safe while fighting fires. Also, they wanted the children to see and hear the air tanks that fire fighters wear so the children will not be afraid of a fire fighter during a fire. After the assembly the children had the opportunity to see the fire truck and ask about all the things it can do.

As daily reminders, the fire department gives each child a pencil, eraser, stickers and a coloring book. These new school supplies help to keep the safety rules fresh in the students’ minds.

This is always an important and informational week for the students. The teachers appreciate the time and effort the fire department gives to this activity. Thank you for teaching our students how to stay safe.

As a reminder to everyone, please check the batteries in your smoke detectors once a month, replace the batteries twice a year and replace a smoke detector every 20 years. Also, everyone should have a carbon monoxide detector in their home.