East Forest Learns About Government

During a social studies lesson on current events, Mrs. Preisel’s students at East Forest became increasingly interested in the proposed wall to border Mexico and the United States. Students began researching to have an informed opinion from several sources and then constructed a persuasive essay on whether or not they thought the wall is necessary.

Mr. Hartwig, East Forest’s high school history teacher, came in to speak and answer questions.  Students asked, “Why do we have walls? Walls in our homes, schools, etc.?” Mr. Hartwig addressed both sides of the issue.   Also, he stressed the importance of people that move to this country need to believe in our ethics our form of government.

 “Why are they building the wall?”, one student asked.  Mr. Hartwig replied that it is important to check people coming into the country. He emphasized how important compromise is and that our country has always strived to lift people up!