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2020 Forest Area Ski and Board Club

Pictured are the members of the Forest Area Ski and Board Club, at Holiday Valley, in New York. The group recently completed its 2020 season with a great day trip on March 7th. The group is run by Andrea and Dan Cussins, and it’s comprised of students from East and West Forest, other local students, some former students and many community members.

Student Scholarship App

Going Merry is portal where students are matched with scholarships based on their personal needs, interests, and goals. To learn more visit the link for your school. Mrs. Sumosky has been working with seniors to create their accounts and review scholarship opportunities. Please contact her with with any questions.

West Forest:

East Forest:

Forest Area 10th Graders Tour Local Businesses

During the month of February, 10th graders from both East and West Forest toured local businesses. They visited Hughes Pottery, L & B Chocolates, Kelly Green B&B, National Forest Productions, the Jenks Township Building, and the Water and Sewage plant. The students learned about entrepreneurship in our community as well as production and township employment opportunities. They were exposed to a variety of local business models and discussions about what it takes to own and operate a business. They learned that if you have a dream to own a business or take over a business that it is possible to do so in our community and be successful.

Picture #1 – At L & B’s Chocolates, pictured Xandira Birchard, Shaylee Carbaugh, Savannah Miller and owner Mrs. Alex.

Picture #2 – At Forest National Productions; pictured Mr. Douthett, Shelby Nelson, Cameron Guzzi, Sam Walter Shaylee Carbaugh, and Savannah Miller.

Picture #3 – At Kellygreen B&B – Matt Russell and Xandria Birchard

Picture #4 – At Hugh’s Pottery – Xandria Birchard, Savannah Miller, Matt Russell, Cameron M., Elianna Beatty, and Career Counselor, Tiffany.

Picture #5 – At Forest National Productions – Ethan Van Dyke, Aaliyah Sumosky, Logan Carll, Russell Adkins, Gage James.

Picture #6 – At Kellygreen B&B – Xandria Birchard, Elianna Beatty, Savannah Miller, Shaylee Carbaugh, and owner, Julia McCray