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West Forest High School Anti-Bullying

Students in Mrs. Hartle’s HPES classes recently participated in anti-bullying lessons.  At the end of the lesson each student had the opportunity to write a kindness quote on a snowflake.  The snowflakes were all added to a bulletin board.  As part of the lesson students watched a video about bullying, worked in groups to brain-storm solutions, asked questions and developed answers.

West Forest 2nd Grade

Each month Mr. and Mrs. Hayden come to visit the West Forest second graders and do a holiday craft. This month Mrs. Hayden arrived with a nice homemade  winter scarf for each child. She crocheted 13 different scarves so each child would have their own. She let each child choose the color he-she wanted. The kids were so appreciative and thankful.

The Best Christmas Present Ever

Miss Blair’s Senior High Writing Class at West Forest High School and Mr. Hale’s Fourth Grade at West Forest Elementary School met during the two short weeks surrounding Thanksgiving vacation to create a Christmas story. Each student in Mr. Hale’s class was paired with a senior high buddy.

The fourth graders mapped out a graphic organizer about their best Christmas present from the past. Taking the graphic organizer, the elementary and senior high students students wrote four paragraphs together about that perfect present.  The rough draft was rewritten on green paper to make their final draft.  When the story was completed, each team of two wrapped an empty box with Christmas paper.  The story was glued on the front of the present.

The wrapped boxes are on display beside the school office for everyone to enjoy.  All of these students and teachers wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Pictured: Tara Brown and Brandon Anderson


Back Row (L-R): TJ Kunselman, Travis Swartz, Ethan McWilliams
Front Row (L-R): Jesse Peterson, Alanah Wagner, Robert Payne

Back Row (L-R): T J Kunselman, Travis Swartz, Ethan McWilliams, Kara McWilliams, Dominic Grubbs, Destiny Ginnery, Nic Gigliotti, Evan Eisenman, Belle Ralston, Morgan Miller, Cody Say, Jennifer Lander, Dylan Saxton, Chris Pedersen

Front Row (L-R): Jesse Peterson, Alanah Wagner, Bobby Payne, Tara Brown, Chris Hoovler, Clover Morrison, Ezra Miles, Abbi Bell, Madi Thompson, Nevaeh Peace, Alison McLaughlin, Ryelee O’Connor, Colton Whitton, Connor Greenlee

WF Elementary Says Goodbye to Block Students

The second graders said “Good-bye” to Miss Morici. Miss Morici was a Block Student from Clarion University. She did a four week experience at West Forest. While she was here she taught a unit on the Solar System. The students did various activities with the planets. They colored and cut out each plant and then put the planets in order on a piece of string. The students had to solve planet riddles by knowing facts about each planet. The students were very sad to see her leave but sent her home with a pillow with each students hand print and name.
Mrs. Alex’s first grade class would like to thank their block student Ms. Hummell for all of her hard work during her time in their classroom! Good luck in student teaching! Ms. Hummell spent four weeks in first grade. She taught the students all about pumpkins during her unit.
Miss Morici and Mrs. Brannon’s 2nd grade class
Alex – Ms. Hummell with Mrs. Alex’s 1st grade class